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I love my work, but it makes me tired. Being tired makes me grumpy, catch colds and lie on the sofa watching entire TV series in one go. I’m tired of being tired, so I am always looking for ingenious ways to reduce my workload, be more organised, recover more quickly, stop acting like a zombie at home.

I recently came across a useful article, “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time”  published by the Harvard Business Review. The premise is that the basis of a healthy, productive, satisfying life is not being more organised, but paying attention to your energy levels, of which there are four types: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The article contains a short questionnaire to help you work out which areas you are most abusing, and suggests several practical quick fixes to improve the situation.

The authors of the article run programmes in companies to help employees manage their energy levels with apparently spectacular results for overall productivity.

Stop living your life after work like the living dead: download MANAGE YOUR ENERGY NOT YOUR TIME (2) here.


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